Leonardo - the Genius

Leonardo da Vinci name is associated primarily with two of the most famous paintings in the world: Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. These paintings are actually only two examples of the complexity and insights illustrated in his work.

His undeniable genius led him to release himself from the rest restrictions imposed by a single discipline and as a result he successfully combined the knowledge gained through his studies in painting, sculpture, mechanics, engineering, architecture, physics, biology to draw and even build concepts that far exceeded the knowledge of his era.

Being a perfectionist, Leonardo saw always possibilities to improve his inventions, a reason why most of them were left unfinished. This could be one of the reasons why he did not publish his notebooks which certainly would have revolutionize scientific notions of Renaissance time.

Illegitimacy and the fact that he was not sent to study at a public school was perhaps a chance for Leonardo. If he would follow his father's career, we would probably never heard of him in art, science or engineering. Free from the constraints of medieval culture he was able to give free range to his imagination and his insatiable curiosity.

Evidence of Leonardo's exceptional intellect and of his diversity emerged at an early age. He demonstrated a high degree of ability in the mathematics, music and art.

About the Exhibition

Discover the real code of da Vinci!

For the first time in the Eastern Europe, the exhibition brings over 50 machines built according to the great genius sketches.


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Another dimension

Mechanics fascinated Leonardo more than any other science. He designed different complicated devices, he imagined the posibility of building flying machines after he studied the birds flying.

Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci ... The man who wanted to know it all!