Leonardo - the Genius

In Verrocchio's workshops he perfected his art; he experimented with colors, explored the laws of perspective and studied the subtleties of shade and light. Maybe the most memorable aspect of his work was the ability to capture and play the most subtle emotions.

The Last Supper reveals the psychological isolation of Judas, but even more spectacular is the mystery of joy of life captured in the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa, smile that has generated more controversy than any other painting in art history.

For Leonardo, painting was just a form of artistic expression. In search of an untainted realism in art, he was always looking to improve his knowledge about the laws of nature and the universe. Detailed studies on plants, animals and humans provide proof of his restless desire to capture the perfect image of his subject.

Until Leonardo no one studied the human body in such detail. His use of dissections was to bring Leonardo a conflict with the church and Inquisition, but they allowed him to produce the first anatomical drawings which were of such quality that they formed the bases for modern scientific illustrations.

Among the mathematical sciences, Leonardo was passionate in particular with geometry, which because he associate this ' visual mathematics' with a visual form of sculpture.

The notes and sketches from the years he spent in Milan revealed an increased interest for a variety of areas, from botany and geology to anatomy and architecture. He understood the effects of sunlight and gravity on plant growth; he discovered it was possible to determine the age of plants and trees by studying their structure.

About the Exhibition

Discover the real code of da Vinci!

For the first time in the Eastern Europe, the exhibition brings over 50 machines built according to the great genius sketches.


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Another dimension

Mechanics fascinated Leonardo more than any other science. He designed different complicated devices, he imagined the posibility of building flying machines after he studied the birds flying.

Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci ... The man who wanted to know it all!