Leonardo - the Man

Leonardo - the Man

Born in 1452, near Florence, Leonardo was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero, the notary of the small town named Vinci. His mother came from a rural area and her name was Caterina.

Already as a child Leonardo has demonstrated exceptional qualities, especially in design and music. He didn't follow any formal education (public school) but growing up in the house his father he had access to all educational materials owned by the family.

Self-taught, Leonardo was interested to discover new things permanently. It is absolutely amazing how Leonardo outrun the scientific horizon of his days; many of his discoveries and inventions are the foundations of the modern world today

About the Exhibition

Discover the real code of da Vinci!

For the first time in the Eastern Europe, the exhibition brings over 50 machines built according to the great genius sketches.


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Another dimension

Mechanics fascinated Leonardo more than any other science. He designed different complicated devices, he imagined the posibility of building flying machines after he studied the birds flying.

Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci ... The man who wanted to know it all!